Executive Board


Andrew Hochstrasser - COACH

4x Utah State Champion
2x PAC 12 Champion
2x NCAA All American 4th, and 2nd
2x World Cup Team Member
4th at the 2012 Olympic Team Trials
2x US Open Runner-up
2x Pan American Games Champion

Andrew is a talented Coach who works hard to ensure your children learn as much on the mat as off the mat.  He has many accomplishments in wrestling and is very talented in translating this into being a great coach. 


Colby Jacobson

Colby Jacobson is a critical member of the team.  He is proud to be a member of the Sons of Atlas Wrestling board. He is most proud of being a husband to Heather, and father to 5 great kids. He does anesthesia for a living, but his passion is being around sports in any capacity. He is very competitive but for him winning is a very distant second place to the intangibles that S.O.A teaches. He serves on the USA Utah Wrestling board, the Pleasant Grove Youth Football board, and the Utah Anesthesia board. 


Steve Zolman

Steve Zolman is serving as the chairman of the new and upcoming wrestling club Sons of Atlas. Steve is a leader in his industry and has extensive experience in managing and developing employees. Steve and his wife Annie have six children, two of which wrestle. His desire is for all sons of atlas boys to develop critical life skills, lasting bonds, and a strong integrity. Developing these skills at early ages, will help springboard these boys into becoming well rounded sons, fathers, and leaders.


Dave Stroshine

Dave and his wife Carrie own and operate STROformance, a training facility committed to enhancing athletic performance. Dave is the foremost authority on speed and power development. He has trained thousands of amateur and professional athletes including many from the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He has been published and featured in STACK magazine, The Bleacher Report, CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports.


Ivan Smith:

Bevan Wilde:


Justin Ruiz : Justin’s personal mission is to build young men’s ability to thrive in all areas of life using the medium of wrestling and the lessons the sport teaches. Justin was a world class wrestler, experiencing success on the state, national, and world level. Career highlights include winning an individual bronze medal at the world championships as well as wining a world title as a team. He was also a 2x All American for the University of Nebraska, a 7x US Open Champion, and 6x world team member.After finishing his wrestling career, Justin coached for 3 seasons at the Division I level on the Utah Valley University staff. Justin has now taken his winning habits and attitudes to the mortgage industry where he works as a mortgage professional at Citywide Home Loans. Of all of his accomplishments, Justin is most proud of his titles as husband and father. He and his lovely wife of 12 years have 4 beautiful daughters that he loves and adores.