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About Sons of Atlas

SOA Mission Statement

Utilizing wrestling as a platform to teach young men the principles necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Determined – Disciplined – Dominant

Core Values

Service -We will give back and make sure our successes bless the lives of others
Leadership – We will lead by example and use our visibility to make other feel welcome and important
Self Reliance – We will think and act for ourselves understanding as we develop the foundational tools necessary to take on challenges and come out victorious.

Why Sons of Atlas?

Sons of Atlas is a parent run organization that is committed to giving every athlete a great experience.
Our young men will be examples of hard work, discipline, integrity, and service.
SOA is a brotherhood, and our athletes will mentor each other and commit to the success of the team.
We will be humble in victory and dignified in defeat as our athletes develop the foundational tools they will need to become the future leaders of America. The only expectation is that of progression and a willingness to be better every day. We will accept challenges as we look at life through a prism of winning or learning.